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NASM - Become A Certified Personal Trainer (CPT Certification)

Become A Certified Personal Trainer

Introducing our NEWLY UPDATED Certified Personal Trainer program - the most comprehensive, revolutionary program on the market! Start now and get certified online in as few as 4 weeks.

NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

Master the art of performance enhancement for athletes from weekend warriors to professionals. Start helping clients reach their peak performance goals today!



Become an expert in human movement with NASM’s Corrective Exercise Specialization. Expand your expertise, better help your clients and start increasing your income today!

NASM-Weight Loss Specialization (WLS)

NASM Weight Loss Specialization

Learn the science behind weight loss. Help your clients achieve long term weight loss success!

NASM-Virtual Coaching Specialization (VCS)

NASM Virtual Coaching Specialization

Master the art of training clients online! Earn more, expand your reach and take your training business to the next level.

CPR/AED Certification Online

This CPR/AED Certification will give you the skills and know-how to respond to a potentially life-threatening situation involving an adult, child, or infant with the speed and confidence required to save a life.

Masterclass Courses: Fat Loss Specialization

The Masterclass Course will compare concepts, fads, proven methodologies, and scientific findings – weighing up which are effective and which ones are not. 

Masterclass Courses: Hypertrophy Level 1

Is it possible to build muscle and gain size, whilst getting leaner, all at the same time? What’s the best way to train and eat to maximize muscle growth?
Enroll and learn more!

Masterclass Courses: Physique Transformation Level 1

This in-depth 6 HOUR course provides a deeper understanding on the science of fat loss, muscle gain, as well as other physiological factors to consider for an optimal physique transformation.

NASM-Certified Nutrition Coach Certification (CNC)

Certified Nutrition Coach

Help create lasting change in your clients’ dietary and nutrition habits.

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