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Terms & Conditions


Plej Fitness is operational from 5am to 11pm on Monday to Saturday. Members are allowed to workout any time during this time.  7am to 9pm on Sunday and during holidays



Membership can be transferred to friends or family members who don’t hold an active membership. Membership transfer fee is applicable (contact the front desk for the tariff). Membership cannot be transferred to any other PLEJ FITNESS branches.






Only annual memberships are allowed to freeze their membership for a maximum period of 30 days.



Members are eligible to use only the fitness facilities they have subscribed for and only after the full payment is made.



Members are requested to carry a separate pair of shoes for workout to avoid dust and equipment damage. Members must carry a gym towel. Use deodorants.



Based on fitness and nutrition assessment a workout card will be designed by our fitness trainer and by prior appointment only.



Members with medical conditions must carry a doctor’s certificate before starting their workout routine. Failing which, neither the fitness trainer nor the management holds responsibility for the injury or any other fatal results.



In the period of injury or illness or a fatal incident at the premises, members/their representatives would not hold the trainer or the management responsible in any manner and would not seek damages through claims.



Only PLEJ FITNESS trainers are allowed to take personal training sessions, out side trainers are not allowed to train the members. If a personal trainer is resigned / terminated from PLEJ FITNESS, members will be allocated with a new trainer of equal level and skill, personal training cannot be terminated due to this reason and no refund will be made.



All the informations/updates are published on the notice board. Members are requested to follow the notice board regularly and avoid mis-communications.



Young adults below 16 years are not allowed in the workout area.


13. WEAR

Members with casual wear, jeans, formals, sandals, casual shoes are not allowed to start their workout. Sports wear is a must. No working out shirtless or only with sports bras



Smoking and chewing tobacco or any of it’s kinds is strictly prohibited in the premises. Members with the influence of alcohol or any other drugs are not allowed into the premises. Misbehaviour due to this may lead to termination of the membership and no refunds will be made.



Members must not use foul language / behave indecent with fellow members or with PLEJ FITNESS staff. Watching or speaking profane contents are strictly prohibited and PLEJ FITNESS management reserves the rights to terminate the membership. No refunds will be entertained.



Any damage to the premises by the member has to be fully compensated by the member.



Members are requested not to handover any of your belongings to PLEJ FITNESS staff. The management hold no responsibility for loss/theft of your belongings in the premises.



Rights: PLEJ FITNESS management reserves rights to change any or all of it’s: operation processes / rules / regulations / timings due to any of the reasons that could arise in the future. Necessary measures will be taken to provide the same service quality to the members and the intimation will be made on the notice board/email/website/mobile application.



PLEJ FITNESS management / its staff shall not be considered default of it’s obligations under this agreement if it is prevented/delayed/obstructed/by any of the unavoidable circumstances like fire, floods, earthquake, strikes, war, lockouts or any other means that are not under the control of us.



  • All disputes are subject to Bengaluru jurisdiction

  • No disputes or arguments will be entertained without presenting a valid system receipt

  • Payment done for a particular product/package/service cannot be adjusted against another product/package/service

  • PLEJ FITNESS reserves the right to deny admission to any person basis on bad conduct or other reasons violating the decorum of the club.

I hereby agree to all the terms and conditions of PLEJ FITNESS. In the event of disrespect, my membership may be terminated and no claim for refund of any transaction will be made by me.


Refund Policy:

We have a no refund policy.

However if the member is unable to continue for whatsoever reason, the member can transfer his membership to a non member by paying the transfer fees.


Personal Training Agreement

  • Appointments will be scheduled directly through my assigned Personal Trainer and can be scheduled on days and times that are mutually agreed upon.

  • I have exchanged contact information with my Personal Trainer and have indicated my preference for being contacted. I understand that the facility staff is not authorised to give out my Personal Trainer’s personal contact information.

  • I may not bring an outside Personal Trainer into the facility to train me.

  • Private personal training sessions are one hour.

  • I understand that I am expected to arrive for my appointments on time, dressed and ready to train. If I arrive late for my appointment, I understand that my training session will end at the previously scheduled time.

  • Cancellation policy: I understand that appointments must be canceled by contacting my Personal Trainer directly, before 24 hours of my scheduled time, in order to avoid being charged for the full session.

  • No show policy: I understand that if I do not show up for my scheduled training session, I will be charged for full session.

  • In the event that my Personal Trainer fails to contact me within 24 hours of our scheduled session, or does not show up, he/she will schedule an additional session at no cost to me.

  • I understand that I may communicate any customer service issue and / or acknowledge excellent performance to the branch manager.

  • I understand that the Personal Training Fee is non-refundable at any circumstances.

  • If a Personal Trainer is resigned/terminated from PLEJ FITNESS, I agree to be assigned with a new personal trainer of equal level and skill. I agree that, my personal training cannot be terminated due to this reason and I understand, personal training fee is non-refundable.

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