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1. A Result-Driven Training Method

Personalized Workout to help you crush your fitness goals.

2. Personal Certified Trainer

We also have Personal Trainer for training you with proper precision and helps you get proper guidance of a trainer. 

Fitness Assessment
3 Days P.T Trial
3 Days Orientation
30 Days Training
3. Free BCA ( Body Composition Analysis)

When you buy a Membership, you can access BCA test for free. This allows you to learn about your body and many more.

4. We Pledge to help you reach your goals

Here at Plej, we promise to help you attain your goals for your fitness journey with us!


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Key Program we Offer!

Transformation in 90 Days [ T 90 ] 
Fat Loss
Muscle Gain
Pre and Post Natal Training
Health and Fitness 
Fitness Lifestyle

Journey with Us

Member Enrollment
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Fitness Assessment
3 Days Orientation
3 Days P.T Trial
30 Days Training
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