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NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)

NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)

Specializing in sports performance training with NASM will help enhance not only your clients' performance but also your earning potential.

With NASM’s Performance Enhancement Specialization (NASM-PES), you’ll learn how to provide cutting-edge strength and conditioning training for your clients. You’ll gain the advanced knowledge, insight, and skills needed to help clients of all levels reach their peak performance potential.

The 16 modules in this program will also help you meet the demands necessary of a Sports Performance Professional at all levels of sport by providing you the tools you need to improve your clients' speed, agility, quickness, lifting, and more.

Not only that, but you will also be able to advance your career and reach a new clientele seeking peak performance while guiding your current clients to reach their maximum performance potential.

With the Premium Self-Study and All-Inclusive packages, you'll also get exclusive bonus content and a programming toolkit. The bonus content includes weight room maintenance and management, and football, baseball, and basketball lecture videos. The programming toolkit includes 9 sample programs, a youth programming manual, and a programming generator.

The NASM-PES was initially developed as the sixth phase (Maximal Power) of the Optimum Performance Training (OPT™) Model. That means you’ll gain the benefits of a performance program built on evidence-based research, a systematic approach, integrated exercise programs, and more. You'll learn how to apply the knowledge and methods of the proven OPT™ Model to strength and condition training to help enhance your clients’ performance.

We’ve taken the latest and most prominent research in strength and conditioning and developed a system that helps you, the trainer, apply it practically and systematically with a wide array of clients.

Specializing in Performance Enhancement with NASM won’t just benefit your clients. It can stretch your earning potential too. And it’s not just for personal trainers either. This program applies to anyone who works directly with athletes to improve their on the field, court, or ice performance.

    ₹59,415.00 Regular Price
    ₹29,665.00Sale Price
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